About basictheology.com

basictheology.com was created Tom and John two college roommates looking for a creative outlet to write about the things there were finding in the Bible. Although there were some great tools for Bible study on the web, we didn't see much on the web with basic definitions to the theological terms we kept coming across. So we set out to create a website where we can have fun writing about theology and hopefully anyone who's interested can have fun reading it. We hope the content on basictheology.com will be found accurate by scholars and accessible by everyone. Ultimately, we want everyone who visits to be a little more confident in calling themselves a theologian (one who studies the things of God).

Recently, basictheology.com and theologyforums.com have been working toward merging their content and user base. The forums rules can be found here.

John Dyer (writer, programmer)

I recently moved to Dallas, TX to continue persuing my Masters of Theology (Th.M.) at Dallas Theological Seminary. I am also working at the seminary helping to develop their web presence, internet marketing and online education programs. My background is youth ministry where God gave me a love for explaining how to understand God's Word and how to apply it in daily life. I am unsure of what God has planned for me long term, but I would love to teach at a seminary overseas as well as help the Church understand how to minister in the post-modern culture in which we live.

Tommy Crawford (writer)

I currently live in Lago Vista, TX (outside of Austin) with my wife Annie and daughter Elise. I am working on my Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary at the Austin extension while I work for a mid-size semiconductor company as a Test Engineer. God has given my wife and I a love for studying His Word and a desire to serve as teachers in the church. We feel our long-term calling is to provide theological training to indigineous church leadership in Central and East Asia. In our spare time, we love to be outdoors (particularly in the mountains of Oregon and Colorado) or inside with some quality books and latte. In short, I echo Paul's sentiments in 1 Corinthians 15:10, "by the grace of God I am what I am."